Beaches and Coastline


The actual geographical conformation of Abruzzo's coast, creates an utterly unique tourist district, offering hundreds of kilometers of golden sand coast, cool pine groves, cliffs, promontories and pebbly coves, lively fun-packed beaches or solitary shores for those looking for some peace and quiet.

All of this is held just a few kilometers away from gorgeous old villages and archeological sites; the pleasing diversity of this natural scenario is completed by the equally varied and authentic cuisine, the artistic and cultural heritage and excellent cultural and art events.

The coastline offers such a variety of landscape that you can choose among sandy or rocky beaches, small bays and cliffs, beautiful pine groves generously offering respite in their shade and wide beaches with dunes.

For diving-lovers there are many nice spots not to be missed: lovely pebbly areas offering a busy seabed, rich in marine life and always visible thanks to the clean waters.


The rolling hills in the neighboring hinterland glowing with the colors of the crops are so close that they seem to encroach on the shore, guarded by its ancient “trabocchifishing platforms. In the evening, tiny local fishing boats dock here  to unload the catch of the day which will be served in the many family-run eateries.

This is a romantic, snug coast, more natural and untamed, its charm enhanced by the peaceful niches of isolated coves and beaches and by the unique atmosphere of the little seaside towns. Famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, adored Abruzzo’s coast and spent long periods here seeking inspiration and writing some of his best masterpieces.

A great number of activities can be performed along the coast, such as cycling tours, sports and fishing tours, gourmet tours and much more! Just take a look in our Things to Do page or contact us for a customized itinerary according to your interests and budget.