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Dual Citizenship services

According to Italian nationality law, the Italian citizenship can be acquired based on Jus Sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) principle by which citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having Italian ancestors through the paternal line (with no limit on the number of generations) or through the maternal line (for individuals born after January 1, 1948).

What we can do for you

We know that going through the Italian Dual Citizenship process can be tricky and time-consuming. We guarantee professional services that will make your application process much easier, providing all the Italian vital records you need for your application.

If you don’t have enough information about your Italian ancestors, we can conduct a focused genealogy research and find out where they were born, when, and obtain their birth and marriage records.

If you made sure that you’re eligible and you have obtained all the documents needed for your application, then you may consider skipping the long waiting times at the Consulates in the U.S. and apply directly in Italy.

If you’re willing to stay in Italy for a minimum of 30-45 days, then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information!

We can locate Italian birth, marriage, and death records of your ancestors, cooperating with Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy. 

Our service includes the preparation of your record request to the Italian Public Source, follow-up contacts until all certificates requested will be obtained. We are also able to obtain registration of birth and/or marriage records of newly recognized Italian citizens if required for issuance of your Italian passport.

 All of your documents are kept strictly confidential and will be sent to you by courier. Contact us for more information or for a free estimate.


About Jus Sanguinis

The recognition of Italian citizenship can be obtained by anyone of Italian descent born in the USA or in any other country where citizenship is acquired by birth (Jus Sanguinis).  If you’re new to the Italian Dual Citizenship process, then as a first step you shall get in contact with the Italian consulate that has jurisdiction over your address of residence and verify the eligibility requirements for Italian Dual Citizenship or get in touch with us for a consultation.