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"Thank you so much for planning a day that we will never forget""

Mirella and Stefano were so thorough with their research and organized. The day they planned was well thought out and very rewarding to us. The lunch spot they found was so genuine and the food home cooked, delicious! The hospitality was outstanding. We were made to feel so welcome in the town and saw and learned so much. Read more

my Italian relatives

"An unforgettable experience"

Southern Italy Travel more than exceeded my expectations!  Mirella and Stefano are both extremely professional and extremely capable. My initial thought when I contacted them was to get a tour of my great grandfather’s hometown of Ortona in Abruzzo. I had no idea that I actually had any living relatives still there. Read more


"It was a day that we will always remember!"

Mirella and Stefano were wonderful to work with.  Any questions I had, whether about the tour or general questions about travel to Italy, were always answered quickly and thoroughly. The tour with Stefano was spectacular! His intense research on the town of Panni and on our ancestors was evident. Read more

Extra - Pasquale, Courtney, and Maria

"I highly recommend Southern Italy Travel if you want a taste of the real Italy."

What a wonderful tour of Colliano!  I contacted Southern Italy Travel to get a tour the town where my great grandmother was from, and to help me find out where my great grandfather was from.  Not only did I get a solid history of the town, it turns out my great grandfather was from Colliano as well…  Read more


"An unforgettable, emotional experience."

Mirella and her brother did an amazing job. Thorough, professional, creatively dogged in their investigation of our family roots only begins to describe how they made our pilgrimage to the town of our Italian origins an unforgettable, emotional experience. Involving local residents in the day helped add a warm, personal touch we did not anticipate…  Read more


"We laughed a lot and smiled more"

What an outstanding job Mirella and Stefano have done tracking down the Bonatucci and Fedele families! We treasured our trip to Abruzzo and it gave myself and our daughters a much deeper understanding of our ancestors as well as why certain habits are so hardwired in our family. We laughed a lot and smiled more. You and Stefano were fantastic guides. Read more

our tour

"The experience was definitely the highlight of our trip to Italy"

I want to thank Southern Italy Travel for everything they did for us in researching my family history.  The experience Mirella put together far exceeded anything that I thought was possible. I thought we would maybe find out about who my two times great grandparents were and see the church, but I was completely blown away by how she rolled out the red carpet for us in Spoltore, Abruzzo region. Read more

our ancestry tour

"They definitely exceeded my expectations"

I found Mirella on the Association of Professional Genealogists. I knew that was an organization to be trusted.  I reviewed the websites of all the Italian genealogists on the site and I really liked what her clients said about her. I was impressed with her response and I hired her to research both my great grandfather and my great grandmother’s lines and to accompany us on the first two days of our trip. Read more


"They helped us understand our history and something of ourselves"

Mirella Ammirati’s Southern Italian Travel is an amazing resource for ancestral research and cultural heritage. .Having provided them with some family names and birth dates, they were able to construct a family tree going back five generations. But that was just the foundation of their exceptional efforts to provide me with a day I’ll never forget. Read more


"The best experience that we could have"

I feel so fortunate that I chose Mirella Ammirati to assist me in my search into my family heritage!  She was responsive to my desire to learn about my father’s heritage in Pozzilli from the moment I found her on the internet.  Initially only stranger to me off the internet, after months of collaboration with her, she became more than a name, a service. Read more


"What a wonderful day!"

Our remarkable experience started with a visit with the mayor of Torano Nuovo… who was expecting us!  The mayor, as well as all other town’s people we met, were so welcoming and made us feel like long lost neighbors who had returned home. Mirella’s effortless translations allowed for pleasant conversation with all. Read more

Ancestry Tour

"You gave our family a gift we will never forget"

Mirella met us in my grandfather’s village, Cercepiccola, with a lovely man who was the representative for the mayor’s office. They gave us a thorough and personalized tour of the village, showing us my grandfather’s Baptismal records, their church and the house my uncle was born in. Read more

Ancestry Tour

"An authentic cultural experience in Italy"

As a fourth-generation Italian American I’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy, dreamed of visiting cities like Rome and Naples, but also dreamed of visiting the rural mountainous towns my great-grandparents knew as home before making the arduous journey to the United States.  Read more


"An outstanding life experience"

My hope was to see where my dad was born, walk the roads he walked, meet family members that hadn’t emigrated to Canada as my father had, and to ‘experience’ a fragment of what may have been his life. Read more

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“You made my dream come true”


“A thrilling and emotional day”


“Just one word: outstanding”


“Magical and unforgettable experience”


“A truly amazing adventure”


“Our visit exceeded our expectations”


“Thank goodness I found Southern Italy Travel!”


“An invaluable experience”


“I can’t imagine making this trip without them”


“Memories that will last a lifetime!”


“It exceeded our expectations”


“You made our trip to Italy “Over the Top”


“Can’t thank you enough”


“An experience I will remember for the rest of my life”


“A dream come true”


“Thank you”