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At Southern Italy Travel – Explore your roots we offer a friendly, professional Italian genealogy service for those who wish to explore the story of their Italian ancestors and heritage. Southern Italy Travel was born in 2012 with the purpose of bringing family history to life, by offering travel itineraries based on our clients’ genealogy.

Based in Italy, and with our specialist insight of Italian resources and history, we can help you uncover your family’s past and present. Thanks to a carefully selected network of local tour guides and genealogists with a strong local knowledge, you are sure to experience an unforgettable journey back to your roots, through the most unspoiled destinations in Italy.

Our values


Our mission is to provide high quality genealogy services and private tours everywhere in Italy. We work every day towards that goal. Unlike others, our business is not focused on maximum productivity, but on our customer satisfaction. We aim at creating a genuine connection with our guests, for this reason we only accept a limited number of customers per month.


We want you to experience authentic Italy, far from the large tourist masses.  The travelers we serve want to do unique things, experience the reality of a place and see its culture through the eyes of a local person. That’s why our private tours are perfectly suited to travellers wanting a sense of the place and contact with locals.


We are aware of the environmental downside of larger tour groups. For this reason we consciously keep our ecological and cultural footprint as small as possible, operating with individuals and small groups only. In this way, we can deliver the benefits of tourism without the negative aspects of mass tourism.

Who we are?

Core Team

Mirella Ammirati

Mirella Ammirati

Founder/ Genealogist

Southern Italy Travel was created and is owned by Mirella Ammirati. Born in Abruzzo, a marvelous and yet undiscovered region of Italy, Mirella studied a degree in Foreign Languages and Tourism Management in Bologna.  

As a world traveler herself, Mirella loves traveling and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, all while directly interacting with local villagers and appreciating their local history and traditions. She fluently speaks five languages.

Upon graduation in Mandarin language, she moved to China where she worked in the travel business for some years. During her Chinese experience Mirella had the opportunity to create a business plan which continued to develop through the years, until she decided to go back to Italy and start her own business.

It was her strong passion for genealogy and history that led her to found Southern Italy Travel. She currently resides in Abruzzo and works full-time conducting onsite genealogy researches and organizing Ancestry tours throughout Italy. She is an APG member – Association of Professional Genealogists and a licensed tour guide.


Stefano Ammirati

Genealogist/Tour guide

Stefano Ammirati caught the same passion as his sister Mirella for genealogy and history. The two siblings followed different paths but both found themselves reunited by the same wish: helping people reconnect with their Italian roots.

Upon completing his Academic degree in International Cooperation and Development in Rome, Stefano lived and worked abroad for a couple of years, he learned multiple languages and returned to his hometown in Italy because “that’s the place where I belong”.

He soon started assisting Mirella with genealogical researches and leading Ancestry tours. His interest in genealogy and anthropology, his strong commitment and dedication to helping those in search of their roots contributed at making Southern Italy Travel more like family rather than a company because this is how we want our clients to feel like: home.