Genealogy Research and Ancestry Tours in Abruzzo

Genealogy Research and Ancestry Tours in Abruzzo

Are you interested in Genealogy research and Ancestry Tours in Abruzzo? Did your ancestors come from the Abruzzo region? We run Ancestry Tours and Genealogy research throughout the region. Contact us to learn more about the town in Abruzzo where your ancestors came from.

Abruzzo is a region of Southern Italy and it is divided into four provinces – L’Aquila, Teramo, Pescara and Chieti – and has a total population of 1,311,580 inhabitants (as of 2019).

Each region of Italy is divided into provinces, just like the states of the U.S. are divided into counties. A province (provincia) is an administrative division of intermediate level between a municipality (comune) and a region (regione).

The region has an extraordinary natural landscape wich goes from the coast of the Adriatic Sea, continuing on the gentle hills to reach the mountain peaks located in its national and regional parks, which together with its 38 nature reserves make Abruzzo known as “the greenest region in Europe”.

If your ancestors came from Abruzzo, we can assist you in learning more about your family history and explore your roots with our Ancestry Tours.

To get started, please choose a province from the ones listed below to see the list of its municipalities: