Genealogy research and Ancestry Tours in the province of PESCARA

Learn more about your family history and ancestors from Pescara and its province.

Learn more about Genealogy research and Ancestry Tours in Pescara, Abruzzo. Let us know where you think your ancestors were from or contact us with any questions.

The province of Pescara is located in Abruzzo, Southern Italy. The territory extends from the Adriatic coastline as far as the heights of the Central Apennine massifs. It is possible to distinguish between two contrasting areas: the coastal and hilly external area of the Province, with its clay rises gently sloping into the sea. From the mountains to the coastline, the entirety of Pescara Province offers artistic treasures as well as venues for wellness in close contact with nature. The province has a total population of 318’501 inhabitants (as of 2019) and is divided in 46 municipalities (comuni).

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