Genealogy research and Ancestry Tours in the Province of TERAMO

Learn more about your family history and ancestors from Teramo and its province.

Learn more about Genealogy research and Ancestry Tours in Teramo, Abruzzo. Let us know where you think your ancestors were from or contact us with any questions.

The province of Teramo is located in Abruzzo, Southern Italy. The province of Teramo is characterized by the eastern side of the Apennines and by valleys gently sloping towards the Adriatic coastline. It is dominated by two major mountains: the Laga massif, with its woods, gorges and waterfalls, and the Gran Sasso d’Italia massif, representing the western border of the province. On thecoastline it boasts sandy beaches and a nice Mediterranean climate.
The province has a total population of 306’996 inhabitants (as of 2019) and is divided in 47 municipalities (comuni).

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