Ancestry Tours

Travel back to your roots

Private Ancestry Tours

Walk the paths your ancestors walked. See what they saw.

Do you know where your Italian ancestors came from?
Maybe you have a few facts here and there that your parents or grandparents told you about –or maybe you’ve logged onto genealogy websites to do your own research.

But what if you could actually walk the same streets as your great-great grandfather, or see the home where you grandmother was born?

If this sounds like something you want to put on your bucket list – we can help you make your dream come true, and it’s easier than you think! 

With our private Ancestry Tours we offer a lifetime experience. Just imagine the thrill of visiting the home or church your ancestors attended or spending the afternoon visiting with relatives you never met before.

Our friendly genealogists and tour guides will help you tracing your family history, researching contacts and family members, locating the exact houses where your ancestors lived and the churches they attended.

Please check our destinations page to see where in Italy our private Ancestry Tours are available.


Every tour is private

Your guide will spend time only with you and the people you are travelling with. Visit the house where your ancestors were born and the church they attended, browse through the original birth and marriage records at the local town hall.

Every tour is customizable.

See the sights you want, try the food you crave, learn about what interests you the most.

Go at your own pace.

Take your time. With your private guide, your day is flexible.  Walk through your ancestral village and uncover your family history.

Benefit from a local's knowledge.

Access more intimate, out of the way spots that have never seen a bus tour. Engage in interesting conversations with the locals and learn more about local history and traditions.

All of our tours are customized and pricing depends on many variables such as length of trip, distance to ancestral town, and type of genealogy research needed.  We’ll be happy to send you a free personalized quote, just get in touch with us!

Day trips for individuals and small groups. A private tour lasts approximately 5-6 hours. Multi-day tours can provided upon request.

Private tour with your English-speaking guide/genealogist, genealogy research prior your arrival, ancestry reports, family trees and unexpected surprises during the tour! Private transfers can be provided upon request.

Our Ancestry Tours are available throughout Italy, from North to South, except the islands