Genealogy researches & family trees


Have you ever wanted to know who your Italian ancestors were but did not know where to start?

Do you have a unique request or are you uncertain which approach is right for you?

Let our professional genealogy service trace your Italian genealogy and family tree. Our range of research packages means there is one to suit your needs and budget.

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We can perform nearly any genealogy-related service for our clients; regardless of the type of service, all of our researches will be expertly conducted at your direction and fully sourced with only the most reputable records, with a focus on primary, original documents of unquestioned integrity.

Understanding your background can help you make sense of who you are today. Researching your ancestors may feel like a daunting task but we’re here to help. We’ll ask you to provide us with any sort of information about your ancestors: documents, pictures, stories, we’ll do the rest.

Single Line package

For those who would like to research one family line. We will follow a direct line back from one ancestor of your choice (e.g. your paternal grandfather), following the surname back through the generations as far back as records can reveal. This will usually cover around 4 generations.

Two Lines package

Our most popular package, it involves researching two family lines, following them from the two ancestors of your choice (e.g. your maternal grandfather and grandmother) back to around 1800. This will usually cover around 5 generations for each ancestor.

Deluxe Package

This package is the most comprehensive option and involves researching all your traceable ancestors back to around 1800 or, if sources allow, further back into the eighteenth century.


Your ancestry file will include:

  • genealogy reports and charts
  • digital copies of all records obtained during the research (birth, marriage, death records)
  • a GEDCOM file that you can upload to your genealogy software
  • initial consultation is free

Pay As You Go Package

The Pay As You Go package allows you to manage the research and the cost. We can research your family tree as a whole or part. Research projects can be planned for any amount of hours  or start with a 10 hours package and later you would then decide whether you wish to continue or not.  If you have a specific goal and/or budget in mind, you can choose the amount of hours you feel are appropriate.

Discover Process Behind ...

The reasons why people set out on the journey to research their family histories are many and varied.  Most want to unlock decades, sometimes centuries, of unconfirmed stories, others just want to find ‘home’.

We want to know what kind of people our ancestors were, their names, how and where, when and how they lived. What led to the decision to leave behind everything that they held dear and embark on long dangerous journeys to strange lands they knew nothing of, often with little more than the clothes they stood up in.

Research in Italy can be challenging given the multitude of records and local information that are not available on the internet. It is therefore vital that you choose a professional genealogist who has an in-depth knowledge of Italy, its history and people. Based in Italy, and with our specialist insight of Italian resources and history, we can help you uncover your family’s past… and present.

Using the Italian State Archives with its collection of family land records, deeds, leases and most importantly surviving civil and Parish Church records of birth ,marriage and burial, we work to put our clients in touch with their Italian family roots.