Lost relatives research

Bring your family history to life

Lost relatives research

Have you ever wondered if you still have living relatives in Italy? Would you like to find out what happened to the siblings of your Italian ancestor and locate long lost cousins still living in Italy? We can make it happen.

Tracing a family tree forward instead of backward can be challenging and time-consuming, and it certainly requires a good command of the Italian language. That’s why we’re here to help.

Researches in the family history field can go in more than one direction: that’s not just about “searching historical records” or “discovering who your ancestors were”, there’s actually much more to discover! One ancestor in the distant past may have descendants in Italy you're not aware of, all with a shared history and genetic heritage.

Looking at your family history research as three-dimensional, rather than just tracing back in time, can be fascinating, rewarding and sometimes life-changing. Many living relatives, most of whom you have never met, all form part of your extended family.

Exploring the diversity of individuals in your extended family tree is a never-ending journey into heritage and family bonds. Differences in age, nationality, culture, and class can seem irrelevant in the knowledge that the marriage of two people, many years ago is a part of history that your families will share forever.

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How we do it

Onsite research

There are no online sources in Italy that can help tracing living relatives. Our expert genealogist will conduct an onsite research aimed at locating the descending lines of your family tree from the mid-1900’s until today.

Talking to locals

We will meet with locals and will interview the elderly to trace the story of those family members who stayed in Italy. Oral memory and storytelling is often the key to locate living relatives and learn more about them.

Find relatives and organise a family reunion

Once we have identified possible living relatives, we meet them in person, we exchange and compare the information about the family history and ask them if they’re willing to meet their long-lost relatives. If they do, a family reunion will be carefully planned. It can be a life-changing experience!


Each research project is fully customized. Tell us what you know about your ancestors. Collect as much information as possible on names, dates, and places relating to your family and we will send you a free personalized estimate.