“You made my dream come true”

“You made my dream come true”

November 2017 Thanks to Southern Italian Travel I was able to contact my second cousins in Italy. We didn’t know if any of them remained in the town where my grandfather grew up but I wanted to know if someone was there. It didn’t take Stefano very long to find them and he arranged a […]

“A thrilling and emotional day”

July 2017 I hired these nice people to do some research ahead of a trip I was organizing for me and some of my siblings to our roots in Abruzzo. I am very particular about what I accept as fact in my search for my ancestry, and because of certain questions they had for me […]

“Just one word: outstanding”

November, 2016 When we arrived Rome after leaving the small town of San Pietro Avellana, the contrast of the multitudes vs the slow pace of the small towns and villages in Abruzzi/Isernia was breathtaking. As to our guide Antonio, Mirella’s associate, just one word. Outstanding! He is knowledgeable about the area, energetic and was very generous […]

“Magical and unforgettable experience”

July, 2016 Visiting Italy to see where our grandparents lived before immigrating to the US was high on our “Bucket List” of places to go and things to do.   When we ran into a brick wall trying to research our Italian family, we were fortunate to find two professional genealogists in Italy to help […]

“You gave our family a gift we will never forget”

September, 2016 After a lengthy search to find a guide to take us to my grandfather’s remote and tiny village in Molise, I was lucky enough to have been recommended Mirella at Southern Italy Travel.  I had already spoken to a few other guides and none of them felt quite right.  Mirella was a delight to […]

“An authentic cultural experience in Italy”

March, 2016 As a fourth-generation Italian American I’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy, dreamed of visiting cities like Rome and Naples, but also dreamed of visiting the rural mountainous towns my great-grandparents knew as home before making the arduous journey to the United States. Mirella Ammirati and the team at Southern Italy Travel made this […]

“What a wonderful day”

October, 2016 My wife and I spent a wonderful and magical day with Mirella in Torano Nuovo, the hometown of my grandfather and great grandfather on my father’s side, and what we learned was where my great great grandfather and three times great grandfather lived! First of all, it was a joy to spend time […]

“A truly amazing adventure”

March, 2016 I feel so lucky to have been referred to Mirella.  From the moment we started emailing back and forth, I knew that our trip to Italy was going to be everything that I hoped it would be.  My Mother-in-Law, June, is very much into genealogy and was hoping to visit the town where […]

“Our visit exceeded our expectations”

February 2016 We would like to join our voices to the many others singing the praise of Southern Italy Travel. Mirella was so helpful before the trip, helping us plan our visit with many tips and suggestions about the timing of our visit and logistics. She was able to arrange transportation for our family of […]

“An outstanding life experience”

January, 2016 My father died just before his 95th birthday, on December 1, 2014 in Vancouver BC Canada.  When my husband and I initiated our September travel plans to Europe, ultimately Italy, we planned to spend time in my father’s hometown Civitaquana, Abruzzo and surrounding area. My hope was to see where my dad was […]