we bring your ancestral town to you

Virtual Ancestry Tours

The ever-evolving and unprecedented COVID-19 situation poses extreme challenges for the travel and tourism industry.

Many of our clients have postponed their trip to Italy and the long-awaited visit to their ancestral town.

While we can still continue working on genealogy projects for our clients, we are aware that traveling to Italy is not possible right now.

However, all is not lost. We are committed to continuing to share our love for genealogy and we have launched “Virtual Ancestry Tours”: a brand-new service to allow you to experience your ancestral town virtually.

What's a Virtual Ancestry Tour?

We will go to your ancestral town and we will run a private Ancestry Tour, as if you were there with us. We will film the entire tour – by using professional filmmaking equipment – and we will send it to you.

We will be your eyes and ears. We’ll visit the town and walk the same paths your ancestors walked, we’ll show you the locations where your family lived and worshiped, we’ll visit the city hall and show you the civil records, introduce you to local history and traditions, talk to historians, and much more.

If any living relatives will be located – and if you’re interested in finding them -we can arrange a video phone call for you to meet them.

Why taking a Virtual Ancestry Tour?

If you’ve ever wanted to see your ancestral town, now is your chance!
Take your own virtual tour while you stay at home and practice social distancing.

Gift seniors and your loved ones with a unique experience, from the comfort of their own homes.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your family, have a sense of being there and allow you to feel like you’ve “got away from it all” during such challenging times.

If you can’t come to your ancestral town, we’ll bring a bit of your ancestral town to you!

Frequently Asked Questions


Tell us what you know about your ancestors. Collect as much information as possible on names, dates and places relating to your family and we’ll do the rest. Gathering this information before any genenealogy research can save a great deal of time. If you only have very little information about your ancestors, don’t worry, That’s what we’re here for.

Virtual Ancestry Tours will be available as soon as lockdown will be over in Italy. We presume it will be in May/June 2020. In the meantime, we would be glad to answer your questions and send you a personalized estimate.

Given the circumstances, Virtual Ancestry Tours are available only in Central and Southern regions of Italy for the moment. Contact us and let us know which is the ancestral town you are interested in and we’ll tell you if Virtual Tours are available.

We do not have fixed price for our Virtual tours since each of them is different and tailored to the customer’s family history. Prices may vary based on the type of genealogy research needed, travel costs for the researcher/tour guide, and other variables that we’ll be glad to discuss with you. Contact us to receive a free personalized estimate!

Absolutely. Our guide/genealogist will run the tour in English language. Subtitles will be added if there’s anyone speaking in Italian (i.e. when meeting locals or meeting relatives).

A Virtual Ancestry Tour includes the genealogy research, the tour and the editing process needed to deliver to you professional documentary. The entire work can take from one to three months.